The Apple of my Eye…


15 weeks and counting… that’s how far along my ‘bump’ is. I say ‘bump’ because as of yet there ain’t much of a bump there! But things are definitely changing. I thought it would be a nice way to start off my blogging jour

ney by talking about my new bump because like many of the thousands – if not millions -of women in this world right now, I’m a first time mum-to-be and shitting myself to boot!

According to Google my sprog is the size of an apple now. An apple!! Mad to think but so lovely too. I don’t want to forget these days, these aches and pains and never ending nauseous moments, so I’m planning to keep a semi journal about it on here.

I’m going to write some other posts addressing how I got to this point, symptoms that alerted me to this point, and frickin useless doctors with which I mightn’t even have gotten to this point! It wasn’t exactly a struggle (which was my biggest shock!) as I had presumed with my reproductive issues I’d have a damn hard time even falling pregnant. But thankfully, so far, everything is just fine.

I took matters into my own hands when deciding to try for a baby (not initially for that reason, but I believe the whole body has a knock-on effect in regards to health) and so a few herbal remedies for other issues seemed to undo years of damage caused by medication, contraceptives and just not getting the right treatment I needed, when I needed it.

I don’t want to doctor bash (feckin arseholes!) but I do think I could have been saved many years of pain and frustration if they had of appreciated me as a human being,

and not some robotic equation that can be fixed by reading something from a book. So maybe we shouldn’t just believe and accept what they tell us when we go to them for help because guess what, they’re humans too, and liable to human error.

As a side note to Bump Watch, I’m going to blog about how I manage my coeliac disease while pregnant, which is proving to be quite difficult ’cause baby don’t seem to like too much food…of any kind! And as the two tie together I’ll put some updates in here and some in my Coeliac Diaries tab.

So back to bump… apparently they are at a stage where they’re beginning to hear inside the womb. So now I’ve a new predicament…who do I give in to!? My partner’s love for Bob Dillion, or my love for Beyonce…

Beyonce it is!!

I slay…I slay… I slay… all day…

M x


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