Off to the market…

This makes me very happy. Saturdays in general make me happy but going to the local Artisan market where I can gorge on salted caramel, gluten-free cupcakes makes me veeeeery happy!

The above wonderful lady who bakes these creations is herself a coeliac, and so I can stuff my face with gleeful abandon and not have to worry! Even my partner – who can eat as much gluten as tickles his fancy – gave major thumbs up. Oh my… I should have bought more to take home…

I love a good market. The hustle and bustle, the smells and happy chatter. There was a cooking demo on today too and so it was busier than ever, (which made it hard to take pics without invading peoples’ privacy!) so I think those living around here are really starting to take interest in local produce that obviously boosts local economy and business. I’m always super impressed at how much effort goes into the set-up each weekend; how the locals really embrace the day, some even coming to sing with a guitar and create a real energising atmosphere.

I may not be able to eat it but I can appreciate the sight and smells – even if I do have to walk away empty handed and drooling!!
Vegan/Gluten-free spicy street food? Yes please! The lady who runs this stall  unfortunately disappeared when I wanted to take a pic of her  – but anywhooo her food is amazing!! This stall was a saviour for me at a festival last year where I found myself hung over, foodless and staaaarving. The vibrancy and flavours that burst from her curries are to die for.
My GP told me to avoid cheese as it was contributing to some nasty sinus headaches I used to suffer from (apparently it creates more congestion and pressure – who knew!) So I didn’t purchase anything here but I loved the set-up and how it reminded me of an old Irish farmhouse table. So cosy and inviting!
Apologies to this unbeknown farmer… but it wouldn’t be Ireland without a good Irish spud for sale!

I was a bit sad today that I was unable to buy the big, fresh and crunchy Pink Lady apples that I like to cut up into slices and slather in almond butter as a fantastic and quick gluten-free snack. But I suppose that’s the whole point. If I wanted generic, conveyor belt, exact replica, sprayed , waxed and non-organic food, I’d be better buggering off to Tesco to get me grub. There were dozens more stalls teeming with homemade crafts, artwork, jewellery, natural body products containing Donegal seaweed with amazing healing and health promoting qualities. So if you’re ever find yourself in the Irish northwest, make sure to call in for a wonderful afternoon. Long live the local markets!!

They lasted about 30 seconds. So as you can tell… two VERY satisfied customers!



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