Skin issues? Urban Decay All Nighter foundation is a must-have!

I’ve found the hold grail. Not the real one, but the holy grail of foundations. The purchase to end all other foundation purchases. I’m in love!!

I’ve spent a small fortune trying to find a foundation that suits my skin, has brilliant coverage yet doesn’t become cakey or oxidise (turn darker and patchy as the day wears on). For a while I’ve been using Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation and its great, but I wanted to get a cruelty-free alternative to protect the lil animals and appease my conscience.

As far as my research goes, Urban Decay doesn’t test on animals and it’s a bit cheaper than Estee Lauder but does EXACTLY the same thing – actually better!

I’ve tried every foundation under the sun from the cheapest to the most expensive and I’ve always been let down: MAC looks unnatural and yellow which gave me a sexy jaundice appearance; anything by Rimmel is a complete waste of time and doesn’t cover any blemishes; anything by No.7 turned my face into a big oily mess and same goes for practically EVERY other foundation available – even the ones that say they contain anti-acne, spot fighting ingredients. What a joke!! When my skin was bad I went through a phase of layering on Estee Lauder Maximum Coverage Camouflage makeup which actually does what it says but is so powerful and pore-blocking it really isn’t great to apply everyday, lest you want to have even MORE breakouts.

So if you’ve not been blessed with perfect skin – give Urban Decay All Nighter a go! (You can thank me later) And I recommend only starting with a pea size amount. If you need more you can build it up, it has super full coverage so it’ll last a long time too. I’m fairly blemish free but I still have a bit of rosacea and patchy, uneven skintone. The harsh Irish weather doesn’t help the blotchy redness either and coming into winter I like that it’s a bit more effective. I even take my dog out for walks in the mizzly rain and it doesn’t budge! All day wear…Ding dong.

Hope this helps you as much as it’s helping me!

Oh, and don’t forget! If you want to get the most out of your foundation, save up and invest in some really good foundation brushes. I was using my fingers as I find blending sponges and cheap brushes harbour bacteria and leave your face streaky, wp-1479058161189.jpgbut when my partner’s mother came back from her hols with a Sigma stippling brush (and set) as a gift for me – I was immediately converted!  I suppose it’s a like the difference between an artist painting with expensive brushes or ones from a pound shop. The tools do make a difference! I’m usually stingy when it comes to stuff like that and find it hard to justify spending money on something that feels a bit self-indulgent. But now that I have them they make such a difference. Go on – treat yourself!

SO many brushes – so little time! Ahhh they’re like rubbing baby kittens on your face 





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  1. Ellie Loftus says:

    Great post 🙂
    Please check out my first blog about acne and let me know what you think, would really appreciate some feedback!
    Thank you xxx


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