Ah for f**k sake!!

There’s nothing more disconcerting than coming across a news story like the one above, especially after you’ve just consumed the very product they’re on about.

Read the article here!

It’s just so DISAPPOINTING!!!

These are the only crisps available where I work that I can eat, so I’ve been munching them on a regular basis since they hit the shelves.


The most infuriating thing about this company is that they went to the bother of printing a lovely shiny ‘Gluten Free’ label on the front of the packaging, making someone like me think that they have gone above and beyond to make sure they actually ARE gluten-free and safe for coeliac consumption!!

And believe me, this brand is on the more expensive side of the crisp scale too, but I didn’t mind paying extra as that label made me feel at ease. Now I’m wondering if those bloated belly, irritable work days – which I thought was stress related or that my trousers were maybe too tight – were actually caused by this!!

I’m glad that mother reported them to the HSE and the company has been fined, and at least the company was mature enough to admit their mistake (and hopefully follow through on donating to a coeliac disease charity). Hopefully it’ll serve as a warning to all those other manufacturers too that this is a serious offence!!

My coeliac police siren is going off and I’m stomping mad. The reason being: if this company has been serving up gluten-filled crisps to unwitting coeliacs for God knows how long, what other companies are up to the same malarkey!

It’s like I said in a previous post. Coeliacs who take their condition seriously usually exercise every measure possible to ensure their food isn’t contaminated, but it’s very hard to know what goes on behind closed doors and it’s impossible to control what you can’t see.

I prepare my food as often as I can, making lunches to bring to work and having my dinner planned out hours in advance. But I’m a human being too. Sometimes I just don’t have the time, sometimes I want to just feel like a normal person and be able to buy something off a shelf and eat it like the next person.

I understand mistakes can happen, and ‘faults’ in production can occur. But honestly, if the correct controls were set in place from the beginning i.e. the food was produced in a completely separate, uncontaminated factory, then it wouldn’t happen. Don’t mess with people’s health!

And at the end of the day, if a company can’t guarantee that a line will now and again become ‘faulty’ – then it should STOP labelling its food as gluten-free!! Do yourself a favour and just leave it off your label – so I can avoid it and make better choices. You’ll be harming fewer people in the long run. And I’ll save those extra euros I was wasting on your stupid crisps!



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