Dermalex Rosacea Cream: Review

Why I bought it/What it’s for: 

I first purchased Dermalex Rosacea cream about two years ago when I was coming to the end of my skin dramas and needed a lil something to try and reduce the redness/rosacea/facial flushing that was left over from years of swelling and acne (never mind the ‘curse of the Celts’ and pale Irish skin!). I also have some small broken blood vessels around my nose – a common symptom of rosacea – so I thought it’d help that too.

It was hard to get! It was sold out of every Boots store in my area (which only made me even MORE excited to get my mitts on it!) so when I finally did manage to get it I had high hopes.

It cost me around £17.00 for a small tube (30g) so it’s a bit expensive, but I believe if something works to give someone back their confidence – it’s worth it!


This cream promises to reduce facial redness and repair damaged skin by:

  • Creating an emollient-like barrier to protect against external causes of rosacea flare-ups e.g. harsh weather conditions/cold, bitter wind or heat.
  • Reducing the visible spider veins.
  • Calming the heat and redness with wheat germ extract – widely used in skincare and hair care products for it’s soothing and conditioning properties.


I used it for a handful of months only and did notice some reduction in facial redness. But I’ll admit that the price put me off and I just didn’t see enough of an improvement to warrant paying this amount of money ON TOP of all the other lotions and potions I was buying. The cream is a light green colour, and although once blended there is no green pigment left, I do wonder does the green somehow make redness appear to be calmer and there’s a bit of colour correction going on? I’m not sure!



  • Does feel soothing when applied after cleansing.
  • Melts well into skin and doesn’t affect your makeup application or interfere with your foundation.


  • Price. I think it’s over-priced for the effectiveness.
  • You need to use it for aaaages before you may notice any difference in your skin.
  • The smell! I hate the smell – it’s a bit chemically and I could actually smell my own face the whole time I was wearing it leaving me a bit paranoid!


Gluten in products with Coeliac Disease:

I recently bought Dermalex again after a long break as I convinced myself that I didn’t give it a good enough go the first time and wanted to give it another chance. Then I read the ingredients and immediately took it out of my routine!!


I hadn’t twigged the first time that Triticum Vulgare Germ Extract is basically gluten!! Wheat germ… Oh my.

Now, I know I wasn’t putting the cream on top of my morning toast and ingesting it each day, but are skincare products containing gluten safe for those with coeliac disease?!

I can’t seem to get a direct answer online. Some say as the cream absorbs into your skin and essentially your bloodstream, it WILL have an effect because your bloods antibodies will react and cause a reaction/inflammation; others say that coeliac disease is exclusive to the gut, and if you’re not ingesting it then it couldn’t possibly have any negative effects.

I think it’s subjective and down to the individual: some sufferers will react and some won’t. I don’t remember having negative reactions when I did use it but I’m a total neurotic and so I always err on the side of caution – no more Dermalex for me!! *throws in bin*

Should you buy it?

If you’re not a coeliac and struggling to keep your face cool – give it a go! Everyone’s skin is different and I definitely believe it has the potential to work really well for some people.

However, the first time I used the cream I was on antibiotics too, and it states on the Dermalex website that they recommend using this topical cream in correlation with a oral treatment (i.e. antibiotics) to effectively treat rosacea, so I think even that says it probably isn’t going to give you the desired results when used alone if your condition is quite moderate/severe.

For me, I notice a trend in my flushing/redness and that it seems to flare up by internal factors more than external: drinking hot drinks, a glass of red wine, too much sugar/sweets, time of the month and anxiety can all leave me with a burning face. When I de-stress, cut waaay down on sugar and wine my face in turn becomes calmer. And all these habit changes are free!! So if you have rosacea, take an overall examination of your eating/drinking habits and lifestyle, and then decide what changes you can make ALONG with buying your creams, a bit of trial and error and AWARENESS will lead you to improvements. Listen to your body – it’ll always tell you when you’re off track!





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