It’s aaaaaaaaa…….FOOT!!

I had my second scan today and suffice to say neither myself nor my partner could wait to find out the baby’s sex. After all that!!

As SOON as we entered the fetal assessment clinic the nurse asked if we had any questions before she began…

‘Can you tell the sex?’ I blurt out like an excited yet nervous, chattering child.

Nurse smiles. ‘I can yes… if you want to know. Do you want to know?’

‘Yes!’ my partner answers. And I didn’t even prompt him either.

It was the anomaly scan today so I was shitting myself before going in. Part of me thought I mightn’t even want to get this scan done. Is it really necessary? Will I just let nature take it’s course and except what will be will be without snooping for abnormalities before I’ve given birth? Will it change anything?

One thing I didn’t think about was that if there were to be abnormalities, it’s safer to know in advance so procedures can be put in place pre-birth. The hospital can be prepared… WE can be prepared during labour and I couldn’t argue with that. They’re not just looking for things for the sake of it after all!! It could potentially save my baby’s life!

The sheer relief I felt when the nurse placed the ultrasound on my stomach and I could immediately see the heart beating away. Then, as she moved it around, inspecting every part of my tiny baby’s body, my emotions ebbed from fear, to awe, to complete happiness and teariness.  Look at it!! I could have watched all day.

The nurse talked us through each measurement and area she was analysing: heart, brain, blood flow, stomach, kidneys, lips, eyes, spine… thankfully my wee sprog measured exactly – to the day! – the size a baby should be at this stage of gestation. Thank fuck for that!

My favourite part was when she was measuring it’s wee arms and it clasped it’s hands together in prayer. Amen!!

Then came the part we were waiting for…

I was told by EVERYONE that knows me they were certain it was a girl. I honestly had little gut feeling as to the gender but if I had to chose I would have said girl. My partner thought it was a girl. I visualised myself buying girly toys. I always imagined I’d have a house full of daughters after watching Little Women one too many times. In my head I was a future MARMIE!!

The nurse said the baby had it’s legs closed so it was hard for her to tell. She called over the other nurse and after a short deliberation they both agreed… ‘it’s a BOY!’

What!?! Are you serious?!

I couldn’t stop laughing. I’m still surprised. My sister called me after and she thought it was mad too. Of course, the fact that my baby was lying like a stubborn mermaid with legs tightly closed together (and the nurse tried for aaages to make it budge with little effect!) means there is still a chance that it could be a girl. But I’ve read enough online to know that when it’s a boy, they rarely get it wrong. It’s more common to mistakenly say a boy is a girl when it’s teeny tiny penis is hiding making it seem non-existent. Who knows!

All I know is that we’re very happy. We wouldn’t have cared less what sex it was but there is something nice about knowing now. I’m glad we found out, it makes it even more real and exciting. But I’ll not buy anything blue just yet…. just in case.



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