Third Trimester: Nearly there!!

I can’t believe how quickly time has gone! I’m already in my third trimester and the exciting yet scary ending into a new beginning is in sight.

Not long to go! That’s all I hear. It’s mad that I only have at most nine or ten odd weeks left – if I go full term. A small handful of weeks of being a single person who can nip to the shops at whim, go see a matinee show at the weekend if I feel like it, or spend the evening out and about or visiting friends without being overly conscious of time or routine.

These moments so taken for granted will soon be a distant memory. But I couldn’t be more excited for the change!

I’m definitely getting less glamorous as the days roll merrily forward: trousers are becoming increasingly of the stretchy kind, which I frequently pull up in a very unsexy manner, shoes are becoming flatter and spongier, cushions and pillows are piling up around me like some big marshmallow fort.

It is definitely a time of reflection for me. I’m thinking a lot about the future but not just about what I want, but about what is best for my little one’s future too. Will this place provide him with the best education? Will this country, even, provide enough opportunity? Will he be allowed to develop both professionally, and more importantly, personally with what is on offer here? I used to worry about this kind of thing for me… but now it’s for him!

I try not to over think though because life, I’ve learned, seldom lets you control it and when you think you’ve got control it’ll soon swoop in and let you know who’s boss!

This end stage of pregnancy has still been pretty kind to me. No real tiredness yet which I put down to the Pregnacare supplements doing a good job! I’m getting hip and leg pain/discomfort when I sleep but nothing too strenuous. Pregnancy yoga has been an absolute God send which I would highly recommend. The breathing exercises alone are great for touching back to base and ‘breathing out and letting go of the day’  – as the instructor says. Brilliant de-stressor for particularly tense work days, or when I feel a bit hormonal and want to batter someone!

I found out at my last scan that the little skitter is breech so I’ve been trying to get him to ‘spin’ by spending some time tilting myself backwards with my bum up higher than my waist and sitting on a yoga ball which I think is helping – he’s definitely moved since I started that craic! There’s still plenty of time for him to turn but I’ll give him a helping hand when I can. I sit down all day at work too so I use this technique to try and counteract the effects of that – and to stop crossing my legs, such a hard habit to break!

I just finished a set of antenatal classes too which were absolutely wonderful. Just being in a room filled with women who are in the exact same boat as you alone is worth it! As I don’t have a mum on hand to ask questions about even the most basic stuff, these classes were everything I needed. They covered everything from all stages of labour to breastfeeding and post-care, to posture and physiology and a tour of the maternity ward.. everything! And I was surprised at how much they promote natural birth here in Ireland. My biggest fear of labour was the thought of being pressured into lying back on a table with a nurse waving an epidural needle in my face and rushing me in a clinical way while whipping away my baby before I’d even a chance to puff a breath! I was so wrong. They actually encouraged us to use as little pain relief as we feel possible and to try and use ‘hypnobirthing’ to bring the baby into a calm environment; squatting, kneeling, upside down – whatever way I want I can do! You also get immediate skin-to-skin, delayed cord cutting (provided everything goes smoothly of course) and to breastfeed straight away if you so choose, nobody rushes you and they leave you alone with your partner for at least an hour to just bond. My mind has been put to so much ease now and I feel way more prepared for what lies ahead!

Of course I have my ideal ‘birth plan’ but I’m taking these last days and weeks with a completely open mind. I know being too rigid or set in ones ways can lead to great disappointment. Shit happens… no point in fighting against it! I think the best thing for me and my sprog is to cherish these last moments of strange solitude, yet togetherness, as he’ll be here soon and our whole world will be upside down! I’ll cherish these days where I can feel his daily hiccuping session inside or the kicks I get when I’m sitting in a way he’s just not too happy about… because as the end of the day, once he’s out – he’s out, there ain’t no going back!



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