My Pregnancy Essentials: Oils

Aside from my daily dose of Pregnacare, there are two products I’ve consistently been using of late and would highly recommend to anyone – pregnant or no!

Living in a country with low sunlight levels most of the year, topped with cold, mizzly and windy days, it’s hard to get naturally glowing skin. Half of us Irish are either Vitamin D deficient, which has a knock on effect to not only skin but mood, general immunity and health too, or we’re constantly bombarded with moisture-sucking home heating that leaves me as pasty and dry as a sheet of kitchen roll! I’ve found that a blend of these two oils, externally and internally have had brilliant results!


Bio Oil

I still haven’t ‘popped’ (not yet anyway!) so I think having a small bump has helped me to not get stretch marks so far. I’ve read a lot about how those stretch mark creams aren’t worth the plastic they’re bottled in and how the development of stretch marks are primarily dependent on genes (thanks mammy!). But I still think a topical oil can make a difference. I chose Bio Oil as I’d used it before as an all over body moisturiser and loved it. People had recommended to me cheaper, rip-off versions but I steer away from anything that costs €2 and is sold in clothes shops – I just don’t see how it could possibly work!

I always check out independent, small pharmacies when buying stuff like Bio Oil – I got this 200 ml bottle for €16, the same one was like €27 in Boots and Tesco! So it’s worth keeping your eyes peeled and shopping around.

I initially bought it as a preventative when my bump started to grow and at first I never put too much thought into how well it was working. That was until I ran out and all of a sudden my bump got so itchy! I immediately flew out and bought more. The itchiness went away as soon as I smoothed it on my belly and hasn’t returned. I’ve also read that scratching itchy, stretching skin can lead to or worsen stretch marks so that proved to me that it was doing something! Plus, it’s so lovely to spend a few minutes a day rubbing my bump. It feels so luxurious and hydrating and it’s like a little bonding session between me and my sprog. I don’t use it all over – only on my bump and a bit on my hips & bum (and as you can see from the main pic, I’ve been using this daily for over a month – and there’s still loads left in the bottle!)

I’ll continue to use it on my belly after birth too. As this is my first pregnancy I have no idea what way my tum will look post-birth, and I’m not too worried. But I’ll definitely be keeping a bottle of this on-hand, for the pampering effects if nothing else!


 Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil blend

I’d first became familiar with Udo’s products when needing some probiotics after a looong stint on antibiotics and was pleased with the results. So when a friend recommended this oil blend I paid attention!

After her daughter had been having debilitating tummy troubles, mad IBS type flares and was struggling to eat (particularly wheat) she tried this oil to see if it would help, which it did. At the same time I’d been reading about how babies in the 3rd trimester have rapid neurological and retinal development and that the consumption of Omega-3 fatty acid DHA by the mother was super important to accommodate this. Ding dong!

Again, wee bit on the dear side (€15 for a month supply/250 ml) but fuck it – if it works, I’ll happily buy it! And the way I see it, most people spend at least €15 euro on a take away for one meal. It’s all about perspective!

Some of the promised benefits include:

  • Regulation of hormones
  • Prevention of stretchmarks
  • Soft supple skin and hair
  • Mood enhancing
  • Supple joints
  • Support during breastfeeding
  • Vegetarian
  • Safe for coeliacs
  • Evidence that babies born to mothers with high levels of Omega 3 have a calmer disposition, better attention span and behaviour.

I’ve been using it for about a month now and I can vouch for nearly all of the above so far! My nail whites have turned super white; facial skin isn’t as dry; joints have become way more supple allowing me to become much more bendy in yoga; but above all, my mood has drastically improved. I previously wrote a post about antenatal depression but since using this the cloud has definitely lifted and I feel much more positive and focused.

I take one tablespoon in the morning before my breakfast but you can take roughly 3 if you wanted better results. I feel happy with my one spoon and it suits my needs right now. Like the Bio Oil, I’ll be continuing use of this post-birth. Funnily enough I’ve had far fewer tummy troubles or IBS flares since becoming pregnant too. I can’t tell if it’s due to my reduced coffee consumption, relaxin hormone chilling out my nether regions, using Udo’s Oil, or the fact that my diet has gone a bit bland after serious first trimester nausea and second and third trimester laziness, I don’t know! But I’ll enjoy it while it lasts, and hope it continues on in the future.

So if you’re pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant – definitely try these! You won’t be disappointed with the results. 🙂




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